I am a free-lance language checker at Disney and one of the promotional voices for Sweden’s TV8 (Nordic Entertainment Group). I have worked in a similar capacity for National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel and Fox Kids. I freelance consistently for several voiceover agencies (have a listen to my demos at Voice Shop and TheVoiceOverGallery).

Further examples of my work include commercials (Tampax, Häagen Dazs, IKEA), CD-ROMs (Action Man, Panasonic), movies (Rugrats), children’s audio books (Spot-the Dog, My Little Pony), car navigational systems (Jaguar, Mercedes Benz), airline in-flight information (Britannia, British Midlands, TUI), radio ads (McDonalds) and corporate videos (Xerox, ABB, Deloitte). I work in both Swedish and English. I produced the CD-Rom version of Trivial Pursuit in 5 European languages, as well as Action Man both which I also voiced. I have translated promos for television (Nickelodeon, Disney), corporate Videos (Nikken Sleeping Systems) and adverts (Carlsberg).