I am a Meisner trained actor.  My early work is acting and presenting on Swedish television, later in film and on stage in the UK. My personal projects are music films where I combine my love for performance with my music.

I also work behind the camera. Having consistently trained and worked in both creative and intellectual fields, I feel I have a unique set of abilities which give me great joy in applying. I relish the challenge of taking an intellectually complex idea, coming up with a creative and engaging story and then connecting that to the audience. I create a wide variety of communications pieces where I in varying degree present to camera, produce, direct, set the music and voice the films. I work in both real-life action and animation.

“It has been great working with you, seeing your energy and initiative bring things into life from nothing.”
Richard Buck, Vice Chairman and Partner, Deloitte LLP

“Our story is one of the greatest assets of our brand, but we needed to share it more broadly, and without being physically present. We worked with Kristina on this animation for several months and love the result. It continues to help us tell our story in an incredibly powerful way.”
Kresse Wesling, Founder Elvis & Kresse
Elvis & Kresse Our Story

Some pieces to camera as well as plenty of samples of work where I have produced the whole piece including providing the voice over, selecting music, and designing the over all look and feel.

A recent video I produced and presented for the brilliant ski ware brand Saami.