I am passionate about authentic leadership.  Finding our unique style and being true to ourselves is essential for both personal impact and wellbeing.  I have quite a unique skill set to draw from in my human transformation work with qualifications in business (Bachelor Business Studies, Concordia University, Montreal), performance (Meisner trained Actor, Singer, Musician, Filmmaker, TV presenter, voiceover artist) and personal development (certified Life Coach, certified Fitness Instructor). I coach leadership, on-camera performance, vocals and personal impact within business, arts and education with regular sessions at Deloitte UK, Deloitte Sweden and Lloyds.  I facilitate regularly on several of the leadership programmes at Deloitte University EMEA. I also take clients through the entire communications journey by looking at the combination of personal effectiveness and communication tools including developing effective films and presentations.

“I attended a communications training course provided by Kristina and felt it was the best such course I’ve been on. So much so that I asked her to join me and a few other specialist trainers to work on an elite leadership training programme. She happily agreed and worked closely with all of us to both develop the wider programme and to ultimately deliver. The feedback for which has been tremendous.”
Don Kinnersley, Director, Deloitte

“You were a very inspirational person to have the opportunity to spend time with. Thank you for the encouragement and great help! The session was fantastic.”
Stasha Santifort. Director, Deloitte

“Thoroughly enjoyable and valuable session. I look forward to trying out the techniques and I would absolutely recommend this to colleagues.”
Andrew Baker. Director, Deloitte

Together with Joy Marchese of Positive Discipline UK, I am doing very exciting work helping parents and professionals achieve greater work-life integration. Take a look at our book too Positive Discipline for Today’s Busy (& Overwhelmed) Parent.  Some quotes from recent clients:

“The session was excellent!  Kristina and Joy have an amazing ability to engage with the audience, create an inclusive environment and really make participants get the best out of the session.  The session had record attendance, was very well received and we got excellent feedback from attendees.”  Global Investment Bank

“Kristina and Joy engaged the whole room.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and people left the training inspired.  Would definitely recommend.”  Global Real Estate Company