I have a unique background encompassing corporate and creative skills applied across a range of industries.  Mine is a rare and relevant perspective, established over twenty years of experience and manifesting itself in a focused but lateral thinker with clarity of purpose and passion.  Corporately, I work at the highest level, helping senior management and Board members realise their potential through personal and organisational change.    I am one of the highest rated consultants at the educational arm of Deloitte, the world’s leading Professional Services firm, and work across Europe and the US with global organisations including Lloyds Banking Group.   I credit my success in these realms to my creative background which underpins my outstanding communication skills and gives me a rare ability to read people and situations thereby able to effectively help them solve their problems.  I uphold the highest standards of conviction and sincerity and am a published author of several books on personal and professional development.  I continue to work creatively and corporately staying true to my life purpose.  With this breadth of experience, my passion and conviction inspire those around me.

I also take clients through the entire communications journey by looking at the combination of personal effectiveness and communication tools including developing effective films and presentations.

Some participant feedback:

“Kristina’s facilitation style was fantastic. She was clear, enthusiastic, motivating and gave off a real love of the job and encouraged you to participate and be part of the session. One of the best facilitators I have seen. Thank you.”

“You can really see that Kristina has a lot of passion for her job and knows the contents very well. Whichever situation came up, she had great examples, exercises and little learning nuggets that will help me in the future.”

Kristina was a fantastic facilitator. She is a clear communicator and her experience of other industries brought an interesting and useful contrast to our everyday environment and made the material more accessible.”

“I attended a communications training course provided by Kristina and felt it was the best such course I’ve been on. So much so that I asked her to join me and a few other specialist trainers to work on an elite leadership training programme. She happily agreed and worked closely with all of us to both develop the wider programme and to ultimately deliver. The feedback for which has been tremendous.”

“You were a very inspirational person to have the opportunity to spend time with. Thank you for the encouragement and great help! The session was fantastic.”

Together with Joy Marchese of Positive Discipline UK, I am doing very exciting work helping parents and professionals achieve greater work-life integration. Take a look at our book too Positive Discipline for Today’s Busy (& Overwhelmed) Parent.  Some quotes from recent clients:

“The session was excellent!  Kristina and Joy have an amazing ability to engage with the audience, create an inclusive environment and really make participants get the best out of the session.  The session had record attendance, was very well received and we got excellent feedback from attendees.”  Global Investment Bank

“Kristina and Joy engaged the whole room.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and people left the training inspired.  Would definitely recommend.”  Global Real Estate Company