In 2011 I co-authored a book with colleagues Roy Leighton and Emma Kilbey called 101 Days to Make a Change (2011 Crown House Publishing). Roy, Emma and I ran a training consultancy (The Coral Collective) combining creativity and psychology for a number of years and we continue to run successful programmes in performance excellence, team building and leadership. Here is how the publishers describe the book:

“101 Days To Make a Change is a constructive and compassionate companion that will help get you back in the driving seat of your life – in just over three months. Its expansive ideology is grounded by an achievable process with a realistic timeframe to help chart progress and acknowledge results. This programme will give you rigorous tools in order to truly understand what makes you who you are, so you can plan for your best future, both personally and professionally. You’ll be led by clear and practical steps to uncover your drives and motivation and identify your attitude to learning and change. Armed with these valuable insights your confidence will increase and your stress levels will be reduced while you develop new skills and start achieving firm goals. A variety of exercises and activities, alongside motivating quotes and calls to action will ensure that you stay focussed, supported and positive as you journey towards a more optimistic and successful you.”

We were nominated at the 2012 People’s Book Prize in the categories Non-Fiction and Best Debut Writer.  The gala prize giving event was brilliant fun and here I am being interviewed talking about our book.